About ABLM​

The rationale for creating a Lifestyle Medicine (LM) certification is:

  • To educate interested physicians, health and allied health professionals about Lifestyle Medicine
  • To set a common standard/language for Lifestyle Medicine protocols globally
  • To differentiate between the evidence based Lifestyle Medicine professionals and the non-evidence based Lifestyle Medicine practitioners
  • To set a global Lifestyle Medicine benchmark
  • To attract health insurance funding for evidence based Lifestyle Medicine (by requiring that any fund receivers be formally certified)
  • To “legitimize” Lifestyle Medicine and have the ABLM certification eventually fall under the umbrella of board certification in Preventive Medicine or another ABMS board

Meet the Exam Writers

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Jill Waalen MD

Associate Professor, Scripps Research Institute Family Medicine Physician, Psychometric Expert

Gregory L. Steinke MD

Family Medicine, Tillamook Regional Medical Center Family, Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

Elizabeth Frates MD

Lecturer, Harvard Medical School Physician, Wellness Coach and Researcher

Darren Morton PhD

Senior Lecturer, Avondale College of Higher Education, Lifestyle Medicine Researcher and Presenter

Karen Studer MD

Program Director, Population Medicine Associate Program Director, Preventive Medicine Residency Program Loma Linda University

B o a r d   M e m b e r s

Wayne Dysinger, MD, ABLM Board Chair

CEO, Lifestyle Medicine Solutions Past President, ACLM

Liana Lianov, MD, ABLM Vice Chair

CEO, Health Type Past President, ACLM

Dexter Shurney, MD, ABLM Treasurer

Chief Medical Director, Cummins Inc.President-elect, ACLM Past Board Member, ACLM

David Ferriss, MD, ABLM Board Member

Vice President & Medical Director, Healthways Board Treasurer, ACLM

Eddie Phillips, MD, ABLM Board Member

Founder/Director, Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) at Harvard Medical School

Susan Benigas, ex-officio

Executive Director, American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Founder, The Plantrician Project; Co-Founder,Int’l Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

Stephan Herzog, ABLM Executive Director, ex-officio

Director, Duke & Co Past General Manager, Lifestyle Medicine Institute (CHIP)